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Initial Session

Starting Therapy

Starting therapy can bring up different emotions and can even be daunting or anxiety-provoking. I want to ensure that you start your therapy process with a clear understanding of what to expect, especially in the first few sessions. Below, I have outlined the general structure of the first few sessions. I have also listed some questions and things to consider before you begin therapy.

Sand and Sunshine

What to Expect:

In the first 1-3 sessions of therapy, I want to get to know you and begin building our therapeutic relationship. I will ask questions about your personal, family, relationship, and health history to get a better idea of your experience and who you are as a whole. I will use this information to inform our therapy process. We will also go through what has brought you to therapy and try to gain a better understanding of the thoughts, behaviours, and emotions that are causing you distress. From here, therapy becomes more individualized but the same principles of relationship building and gaining understanding carry on throughout the therapy process.

Things to Consider:

  • What has brought you to therapy at this time?

  • What is causing the difficulties that you are experiencing?

  • How long have you been struggling?

  • What makes your struggles better or worse?

  • What gives you hope and strength?

  • What do you hope to gain from therapy?

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